Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Day Something - Rainbow Beach

OKay so sper quick as I only just 8 minuttes left on thsi machine - basically, in Rainbow Beach now after Noosa - just got back froma a 3 day/ 2 night camping trip over to Fraser Island. Quiet an intense experience actually, as with a lot of these kinds of camping great oputdoors things, the imagine in your head is usually a bit more romanticised then the reality - the sand, the damned sand, nearly drove me insane :) Seriously it just gets everywhere. The island was pretty interesting, but trecking out with 10 strangers and camping out was pretty intense, along with the 4x4 in the sand etc. But hey, glad i did it even if I am totally shattered. Managed to get one big stratch in my camera lense, which did bum me out a fair bit - but it doesn't seem to make any impact to my eye. Kind of thinking maybe I should have jsut bought a good point and click to be honest, I miss the convenience and useability of my old one :( Anyway, done now, so I guess i'll just have to get on with it. We're off tomorrow, but no real ideas where but we'll see where we end up. Feeling really tired out to be honest, could do with a rest! :) Not sure when I will be back in the UK, but could be pretty soon actually, I'm thinking of seeling the car in Cairns in a month or so, and then flying from Cairns to Perth, stay for a few weeks, then fly to Sydney and then home (via HK). Damn its going to be good to see home again!

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