Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Day 49 (i think?) - Mission Beach

Hello all,

Good news, I've finally found a great hostel that has free computers (though you pay for internet access itself) - this means I should FINALLY be able to start sorting through some photos, and hopefully have them all sorted through offline and then I can try yo stick a few hundred up tomorrow onto facebook (with links here obviously). Cause I know you're all just dying to see what I've been up to.

Mission beach is a pretty tiny quiet little place, in the middle of some very ancient rainforest here on the north queensland coast. Its the home of the famous cassoway, but I havcen't seen one yet (they are highly endangered, with only about 50 left here apparently). I'm fairly certian I heard on in the forest the other day though, so thats pretty good for me.

Tomorrow we are going to go white water rafting on the Tully River - apparently its one of the best rivers in the entire world to go on, so I'm really looking forward to it a lot - it should be pretty awesome ;) If not a bit wet and tiring I imagine ;P

So, suddenly I feel like I haven't really got a whole lot to say! Here's a link to some pictures from Fraser Island, taken with my old camera just before it died (hence the interesting colour scheme! Kind of works sometimes anyways). Ok hopefully post up a ton of pics tomorrow for you guys, adios

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