Sunday, 26 August 2007

Day 46 - Townsville

Well as ever there is never enough time to write!

So, in five mins i will try to update you all on whats been going on - since we last met in virutal space, I've driven a marathon 7 hour stint up from Agnes Water to the sleeply little mountain place of Eungella national park - we could only stay there a day unfortunately, because we headed down the road to Airlie Beach - a eal feature on the east coast stupid dumb backpacker circuit, but it had to be dne all the same - got to go sail the Whitsunday Islands! We had a great time, ratehr inspite of then because of the boat itself, but enjoyed it all the same. Airli, the perpetual party town, wasn't in much of a mood to let us go, but we finally escaped up to Twnsville via a day in Bowen a few days ago. Townsville may be the biggest city outside of Brisbane, but that ain't saying much. The shear vastness of Oz has become apparent here in Queeensland - its so damn big you wouldn't believe it. And there is just no one around. We came to Townsville to go to Magnetic Island - just across the water from the town - nice little place, very beautiful but very boring too (2 days is enough, not our 3 I think) - still, did a lot of walking, snorkelling, hit the nudist beach again (got a bit of a taste for it now i think!). Bugger, 55 seconds of internet left! OK, so leaving for Mission Beach tomorrow, will try to update you there! Adios amigos!

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