Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Day 23 - Noosa - PICTURES!

Hola from Noosa! We're currently at a Travel Bugs backpackers place online, so I thought it best to update you - and yes, I've finally got some pictures up, from Sydney to Bellingen (I'll try with the others in a moment, and all links will be at the bottom!)

So yes, we left Brisbane and drove another few hours up to the little town of Noosa - right next to a big national park on a coastal headland, lovely beaches and great walks. Plus its hot again! So the tan is coming back, and its been nice to just lie around on the beach and not do much. From here we are planning to go up north to Hervey Bay, and from there do a few days on Fraser Island - the largest sand island in the world! more sand then the sahara! woo hoo!

man alive, its annoying to upload photos onto facebook from my new camera - doesn't like the 10meg images, obviously! Anyway, the trip continues to go well, though Le Tank has had to be fixed a few times - main thing was fixing up the reverse in the gear box, can't remember if I mentioned that already - but it seems to be pootling along ok. Anyway, I think the photos are done so here is the link - enjoy!

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