Monday, 12 February 2007

My first stab at journo blogging

Afternoon all,

As you'll all no doubt recall, part of my original intention of this blog, besides keeping your insatiable appetite for pictures and news of your good self satisfied, was to have some kind forum and virtual space to write, discuss and talk about a whole range of issues revolving around politics, international affairs, history, green issues and technology (to name but a few).

As things have played out, this isn't really going to be happening with this site - I just don't have enough people reading, commenting or getting involved for it to work. With this in mind, I've started writing for this blog called The Weekend Economist. I've only written one article so far, on the snowballing of the issue of climate change in the political and social landscape, but why not go check it out (its #33 The Green Avalanche).

Of course, if you have any suggestions, do stick them in the comments section!

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