Thursday, 8 February 2007

The Blue Mountains

So, I decided to take Monday off work and me, Dave and my house mate Emilie went up to the Blue Mountains, to a small town called Katoomba, about 100 odd miles in land from Sydney. For those of you who are into your wintersports, these might be a little too small to qualify as bonafide 'mountains', but there still pretty big, and really stunningly beautiful with the bush and rainforest stretching off as far as you can see into the distance. They get their name from the distinctive blue haze that you can see (perhaps not so well in the pictures mind) - this apparently comes from an ultra fine mist of oils given off by the eucalyptus trees. Pretty amazing stuff! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures, it was certainly great to get out of the city and do some more 'travelling' again!

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