Thursday, 7 December 2006

Stu's Sore Finger

As I'm sure most of you are aware, I had a rather nasty snowboarding accident in France, where I broke my finger joint. It was operated on and pinned and what not, but its pretty much wrecked - its pretty much as bad as it could be.

That said, I've been put in touch with the best hand surgeon in Sydney and should be seeing him next week, so fingers cross (bad pun I know, but I thought I would get in there before anyone else did). I'm just hoping that, after so many many disappointments and let downs by the collective medical profession, that things will start to go right for me with this.

The most galling was being told here that its basically a fairly common injury, and that most people should have absolutely no problems with recovery and future use. As it is, the joint doesn't really work, and there's large pieces of chipped bone in it, not to mention the tendon is basically fucked. "Its just about as bad as it could be" were the exact words. So I was a little down Tuesday when I found out all this.

But I try to stay positive and thoughtful, and just get on with things. Even though I know its a very very small chance at this stage, there might still be an option for further surgery to improve the situation. I'll keep you all posted I guess.

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Nick said...

Great to hear that mate, there are some top sport injury surgeons in Australia so if he is the best then that is saying a lot. Hope that darned pinky of yours gets better soon.

May well set up one of these things when I head over to Grenoble, only two weeks to go now.

Take it easy