Tuesday, 19 December 2006

The Hunter Valley Road Trip

Hey everyone

So I hope you all had a great weekend - I certainly did. But first, thanks to everyone who emailed about the finger, I really appreciate it a lot.

So the weekend! I decided to take the Friday off, and me and a rather motley band of fellow travelers went north to check out the Hunter Valley wine region, a few hours north of Sydney.

There were in fact seven of us - Emilie (Parisian), Stefan, Patrick and Suss (aka Team Sweden) Henry, his girlfriend Holly and myself (aka Team UK) - all in Team Sweden's trust roadster, an incredibly beat up old Japanese made van fondly referred to as Seth McGuire (don't ask me why.) The best thing about it - by far - has got to be the ram's horns roped to the bull bar :)

I'd put a whole load of pics of the trip up if I could, but I foolishly left my battery in the charger! I'll try to get some from someone else soon - I now have the technology (finally!) to get pics off my camera and onto this blog, so expect plenty more soon.

Anyway, the trip was awesome, in spite of the rain on the first day - it was so good to get out of the city and feel like I was actually on holiday for a bit and traveling. Sydney was just getting too much and the break was exactly what I needed - it goes without saying that we drank a lot of free wine at the vineyards, followed by a considerable amount of cheese and olives. Camping was also fantastic - all very good stuff!

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