Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Merry Christmas and all that!

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had sufficiently fun and enjoyable festive celebrations! Personally, I've had just about the best Christmas I can remember to be honest! So much fun, I feel thoroughly knackered! The last four days have just be awesome - I finished work on the Friday at 12.30, so to kick everything off, I went down to Bondi beach to drink cold rose and soak up the sun with some friends.Then, that evening we (that is, the assorted ragtag band of hostel party goers) made our way down to the best club in Sydney, Chinese Laundry, for the a great weekly breaks night (Break Inn), where we had the very great pleasure of seeing Slyde from Finger Lickin' Records play - and a jolly knees up was had by all :) After a few hours rest, Christmas eve turned into a rather impromptu house warming party round my new crib. This was coupled with the fact that the 24th is in fact Swedish Christmas, and it therefore seemed, a perfect opportunity to drink lots of vodka, eat meatballs from Ikea (no, seriously) and various other Swedish dishes (most of which seem to revolve around nuclear-strength flavoured fish products). Again, very much fun had by all, and a truly shocking amount of all kinds of various beverages were consumed.Christmas Day itself, whilst rather distressingly hungover to start with, was actually also great. I went down to Woolongong, eventually (having managed to miss two trains) to visit my friend Lee, and had lunch with her extended family in the garden, which was just great - I was made to feel really welcome, and it was so nice to get out of the city. I of course also had to go down to the beach - I mean, I'm in Australia for Christmas, it would have been nigh on criminal not to go to the beach :) Yesterday was also yet another leg in the party marathon - me and some friends went down to the Botanical Garden to sit in the sun and play frisbee all day. In the evening we went to go see Pendulum play a rather blistering drum and bass set - this was, naturally, followed by another 4 hours clubbing to an tech-house/ electro breaks DJ in another club called Dragonfly. And here I am - back in the office, sore and a bit stiff, but having oh so much fun - and we've still got New Years Eve to come! Anyway, enjoy the pics, remember to post comments people!


one of the assorted ragtag band of hostel party goers said...

thanks so much for christmas. had a really good time.
sorry you didnt like the swedish fish

and thank you for taking us to pendulum for the best boxing day evvaa

JC said...

sounds good Stu!

Could have done with some sun and sand on Christmas Day. If it's going to be cold it could at least snow.

Anonymous said...