Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Back from the Long Weekend

Well, indeed, the Queen had her official birthday and us fine people here in Australia got a holiday for it - sadly this pleasure doesn't extend so far as to the British people in the UK itself. Which is a shame really, because a day off is always nice.

Unless of course your a contractor like me, and don't get paid for it. Which means it then kind of sucks. It then begins to really suck when your hit for almost the entire length of the 4 days by a massive storm that rocks the entire coastal region of your current country of residence. Here's an example of the what I'm talking about. This is at the beach I used to go to all the time in summer, Coogee. Pretty wild hu?
Huge waves breaking over the  rocks at the northern end of Coogee Beach last night.
It got a whole lot worse further up the coast though, and fortunately Sydney was spared the worst of it by a long way - just look what happened to this tanker! The guys didn't heed the warning and tried to keep on going through the storm, up at Newcastle. Bit of a mess really!

Still, I actually had a really fun weekend, booze fuelled as it was - but I digress and its getting late. Even worse, its frickin' cold now - really cold - and the houses here have no insulation and no central heating. So its really rather unpleasant. I'm going to go now and freeze my way back home on my bike, but I'll post more tomorrow.

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