Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Upbeat but Still Concerned

Hello all,

As you might have gathered from yesterdays post, I was feeling pretty down about stuff. Feeling a little lonely and a little lost out here; I guess I've been missing home a lot, friends a lot, and struggling to put together in my own mind what I will do next. I'm leaving Sydney soon too, which after more then seven months, really has become my home - heading out into the big open road has got a certain daunting nature to it (not to mention, all the hassle of getting everything ready to go).

Still, I'm feeling better today, so I soldier on as ever. I've just finished reading this great article in the Guardian entitled 'No Fairytales Allowed'; an extract from Gitmo lawyer Clive Stafford Smith's new book, Bad Men. With 36 clients in detention, he has been many times and has a unique insight into just how terrible a place it is. Secrecy in the camp is a disease, and it threatens to poison our entire political culture in the West.

I'm still concerned, just where is the outrage?

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matt h2o said...

sorry to hear you've been feeling down mate - though a bit of the blues when you're away is normal. you think more clearly when you're out of your normal element, and realise a lot as a result, not all of it pleasant. it's all learning, tho', and it all gets you somewhere...

anyway - travelling should be good, you can set about doing things the way you wished you'd done them the first time around - there's nothing like hitting the road to feel liberated from the normal grind...

take care mate, and feel better